Our Hummus Trio Recipe, using three delicious flavors of Veggie Bites, is an easy, versatile dish for hosting guests or attending a potluck — especially when you are crunched for time.
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Our Spring Power Salad recipe combines the bright, fresh flavors from Sumo orange, pickled onions, queso fresco, and ZENB Carrot Veggie Sticks for a dish that is sweet, savory and perfect for springtime.
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Try our delicious, veggie-first spin on a classic Italian dish: Beet Gnocchi with Hazelnuts and Sage. This dish celebrates beets as the main ingredient and balances savory flavors with a finish of rich and fruity balsamic.
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Give a delicious, homemade gift this Valentine’s Day with our vegan chocolate truffles recipe, which contains a full cup of veggies. Using your favorite flavors of ZENB Veggie Bites and Sticks, you’ll make an unforgettable treat that will be tough to top next year.
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One bite closer to a better world

From the kernels to the cob, Corn Veggie Sticks provide nutritional wonder and fiber from organic corn, along with the perfect touch of surprising sweetness. Includes 10 Corn Veggie Sticks. Net Weight 1.1 OZ (31g).

Made with the peel of the beet for more nutrition and fiber, our Beet Veggie Sticks use only organic, real ingredients you can trust for a nicely balanced mix of savory and sweet. Includes 10 Beet Veggie Sticks. Net Weight 1.1 OZ (32g).

Using every part of the pepper, including seeds and stems, for greater dietary fiber, Red Bell Pepper Veggie Sticks provide a more savory, full-bodied flavor with a slight kick — all in a veggie-based, easy-to-eat treat. Includes 10 Red Bell Pepper Veggie Sticks. Net Weight 1.0 OZ (29g).

Using the whole pumpkin, including skin and seeds, Pumpkin Veggie Sticks offer full-flavored veggie taste with a touch of cinnamon & nutmeg that’s perfect for the fall but enjoyable all year long. Includes 10 Pumpkin Veggie Sticks. Net Weight 1.2 OZ (34g).