ZENB Lasagna is certified gluten-Free, verified non-GMO, a good source of protein, an excellent source of fiber, vegan, and has no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

ZENB Lasagna

A Tate of Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

Made from a single ingredient, 100% YELLOW PEAS

ZENB Lasagna, authentically crafted in Italy, is a soft and chewy, no-boil, oven-ready pasta sheet with a gluten-free upgrade: more protein and more fiber than wheat pasta in every 3.5 oz serving.

Keep the Pantry Stocked with a Taste of Home

ZENB Lasagna is available in a 6-Pack or as part of your customized You Pick It Pack.

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What is a Yellow Pea?

The mighty yellow pea is the only ingredient in ZENB Pasta and the first ingredient in our Cracker Crisps, but what exactly are yellow peas and why should you care?

Dried yellow peas held in two open hands

Indulge in Better-for-You Nostalgic Mealtimes

Everyone will say, “it tastes like mom's,” but you’ll know the better-for-you secret. Each delicious 3.5oz ZENB Lasagna serving offers 20g of protein and 12g of fiber.

Check out some recipes to give your classic comfort food dishes a bit of an upgrade with the plant-full power of ZENB yellow pea pasta.

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Try our Five-Spice Mushroom Bolognese ZENB Lasagna that is a good source of protein.


Like Mom's Lasagna

Moms from all walks of life are enjoying the new better-for-you ZENB Lasagna.

Get inspired by the warm ingredients in this ZENB lasagna for cold weather nights.

Ever put a twist on a magazine recipe? Check out this ZENB lasagna success.