Pasta Agile

An exciting innovation in 100% yellow pea pasta: A brand new unique shape, designed to retain flavors, cooked in under 3 minutes!

Made from 100% Yellow Peas

• Gluten-free
• Plant-Fueled / Vegan
• Non-GMO
• No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
• 17g of protein and 11g of fiber in each 3oz serving
• Ready in 3 minutes!


All the Pasta Flavor in Half the Time

Pasta Agile was developed with precision-cut surfaces and thin, curved walls that allow this everyday pasta to cook in about half the time of traditional pasta while retaining the toothsome, al dente texture you’ve come to expect.



ZENB Agile Bowls

• Quick-cook Pasta Agile
• Real vegetables you can taste and see
• Gluten-free, protein-rich, nutritious, and delicious
• 4 globally inspired flavors

Make a Simple Meal Memorable

Elevate soups, stews, or pasta salads, or serve as a key ingredient in stir-frys, skillets, or recipes that traditionally use rice or other small pasta shapes.

Visit the ZENB recipe collection for delicious inspiration.

A bowl of ZENB Agile Pasta with carrots and bell peppers garnished with green onions.

Cooking Instructions

For Stove-Top Dishes

Pasta Agile was designed to be added directly to recipes with no pre-cooking required.

• Add uncooked pasta towards end of cooking.
• Use about ½ cup of liquid or sauce for every 1 cup of uncooked pasta.
• Stir, making sure pasta is fully coated
with liquid or sauce (Note: Agile doesn’t need to be fully submerged.)
• Cook covered for about 2 minutes until
most of the liquid is absorbed.
• Cooking times can fluctuate.


For Microwave Preparation

• Combine Agile and ingredients in microwave-safe bowl. Use a bowl at least 2 times as large as the amount of Agile. Ex: For 1 cup of Agile, use a 2.5 cup bowl; for 2 cups of Agile, use a 4 cup (one quart) bowl.
• Use about ½ cup of liquid or sauce for every 1 cup of uncooked pasta.
• Microwave on HIGH until Agile is tender, approximately 2 to 3 minutes
• Carefully remove bowl from microwave. Do not drain. CAUTION: Bowl will be hot.
• Stir, let stand 1 minute until liquid is absorbed.

A clear glass bowl filled with uncooked ZENB Pasta Agile. The bowl is sitting on a wooden cutting board, and on the surface of the cutting board is garlic cloves, some uncut leafy herbs, and a wedge of lemon

Cooking Agile by Itself

• Bring liquid to a boil in a pan on medium heat. Add Agile (you’ll need about 1/2 cup liquid for every cup of pasta).
• Check doneness after about 2 minutes.
• Season to taste with salt & pepper. (You may want to add a pat of butter or a drizzle of olive oil for extra flavor.)


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