ZENB Pasta Agile
ZENB Pasta Agile
A chart showing a comparison of ZENB Pasta versus traditional pasta: protein (ZENB 17g v traditional 11g), Fiber (ZENB 11g v traditional 3g), and Net Carbs (ZENB 43g v traditional 61g) per 3 oz serving
ZENB Pasta Agile
2oz or 56g Calories 200 total fat 1.5g carbs 36g dietary fiber 7g total sugar 1g protein 12g There are no FDA recognized allergens
ZENB Pasta Agile

ZENB Pasta Agile

Ready in 3 minutes

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All the pasta flavor you love ready in about half the time. ZENB Pasta Agile is a quick-cook, precision-cut, 100% yellow pea pasta that delivers the same great taste and texture of traditional pasta in under three minutes.

Gluten-free Non-GMO Good source of protein Excellent source of fiber Vegan No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors Cooks in under than 3 minutes

Elevate soups, stews, or pasta salads, or include in stir-fry, skillets, and recipes that traditionally use rice or other small pasta shapes.

Learn about our delicious and healthy ZENB Pasta in Details & Nutrition Facts below.

Includes: 6 (12oz/340g) boxes of pasta


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ZENB Pasta Agile

Ingredients & Nutrition
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ZENB Pasta Agile

Ingredients & Nutrition
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