5 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Fiber in Your Diet

There are plenty of places to find fiber when eating plant-based, but the tastiest ways are always the best! ZENB Pasta and Cracker Crisps are packed with plant-fueled fiber, but we also spent a lot of time making sure these products are delicious and have a variety of flavor options.

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Plant-Powered Staples to Stock This Year
From legumes to pasta to fruits and veggies, plant-based cooking is easier than you think with just a few pantry essentials! We asked Chef & TV Personality Monti Carlo, our ZENB Chef-in-Residence, for her tips on how we can prep our kitchens to eat more healthy, plant-fueled meals in 2024.
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How to Have a Nourishing Year
For the New Year  or any time of year  don't miss these tasty tips from James Marin, RD, EN, and ZENB Plant Council Member. He shared all his accessible ways to eat more plants and, as a result, have a nourishing year!
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