One bite closer to a better world

Enjoy a taste of all five of our delicious, organic, non-GMO Veggie Sticks in this wonderful mix that offers wholesome flavor for days. Includes 2 Beet, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Corn, 2 Carrot, and 2 Red Bell Pepper Veggie Sticks.

Experience this bountiful harvest of all-organic, veggie-first, non-GMO goodness in a tasty variety of Veggie Sticks you’re sure to enjoy no matter the season. Includes 3 Pumpkin, 4 Beet, and 3 Carrot Veggie Sticks.

With our original three non-GMO, plant-based flavors of Beet, Corn, and Red Bell Pepper, this Veggie Sticks Variety Pack is a delicious way to snack on the go. Includes 3 Beet, 4 Corn, and 3 Red Bell Pepper Veggie Sticks.

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