4 Fabulous ZENB Pasta Recipes To Help You Get Into Your Fall Feels

School’s back in session, leaves are turning, and you’re experiencing non-stop pumpkin spice cravings — it’s officially fall, y’all.

In this time of transitional weather and vibrant foliage, new ingredients become available, with squash, leafy greens, and mushrooms taking the place of corn and tomatoes at the farmers market. For home cooks, this means new flavors and textures to explore, as well as new seasonally inspired dishes to enjoy at mealtimes.

If you’re ready to make the most of autumn’s bounty, we’ve got four ZENB recipes to try; after all, pasta never goes out of season!

Chipotle-Spiced ZENB Pumpkin Penne Pasta

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Pumpkins capture the essence of fall: They’re earthy, sweet, versatile, and the mascot of Halloween. There are so many ways to use this familiar flavor, from sweet treats like muffins and pancakes, to coffee drinks, to savory dishes.

You’ll find pumpkin used in plenty of traditional Italian recipes, like pumpkin ravioli and risotto. There’s something about the creamy texture of pumpkin that works so beautifully in these applications. In our recipe, we take that concept and give it a creative twist with the addition of smoky adobo sauce (found in canned chipotle peppers) and, of course, ZENB Penne, made from 100% yellow peas for a gluten-free boost of fiber and protein. The subtle heat of the peppers helps balance the rich sweetness of the pumpkin for a truly balanced, delicious flavor combo.

ZENB Pasta Agile Egg Drop Broth Bowl

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During most of the summer, the idea of a hot bowl of soup is not very appealing. But once those fall breezes begin to blow, soup makes its triumphant return to the dinner rotation in a big way. Plus, during this busy time, there’s bound to be overscheduled work or school nights when you finish the day exhausted, and desperately need something nourishing and stress-free for dinner. That’s when it’s time for this egg drop soup!

Inspired by the classic Chinese-American dish, this easy lunch or dinner comes together in five minutes (not a typo), thanks to quick-cooking ZENB Pasta Agile and clever use of the microwave.

ZENB Rotini with Savory Slow Cooker Pork Ragu

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When it comes to a cozy meal, this dish has it all. The ragu, so deeply savory and substantial, calls for the slow cooker, meaning that the six hours of braising time for the pork shoulder is no big deal. And the sauce cooks right along with it, so there’s no extra work to do besides boiling up a box of ZENB Rotini!

It’s a great option when you’re cooking for a crowd, as the recipe is scaled to serve eight guests. Or, save it for those weeks when you’re cooking ahead (love that for you); cook the full batch and freeze half — it’ll keep in an airtight container for up to two months.

Golden Coconut, Broccolini, and Spinach Pasta Soup

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Fall weather isn’t all crisp, chilly days and golden sunsets. Sometimes the weather is gray, and soggy, and altogether just lousy. On those nights, after slogging home and putting on dry socks, you need something next-level warming and soul-soothing. Instead of giving in to the urge to order takeout, cook up a batch of this creamy, coconutty soup, packed with nutrient-packed green vegetables and spiced with insanely-good-for-you turmeric. For an extra pop of flavor, don’t skip the ZENB Final Flair Garlicky Olive OIl for a final drizzle on top.

This handful of recipes barely scratch the surface of all that the ZENB recipe collection has to offer. Dive in to explore over 150 plant-fueled dishes for every meal of the day; you can even use our helpful search tool to sort by course, dietary restriction, and main ingredient! To keep your cooking chops up-to-snuff, check out the ZENB blog, which always has helpful kitchen advice and hacks to elevate your skills and inspire you at mealtimes. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for daily tips on living a balanced life. 

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