4 Recipes to Dazzle and Delight this Friendsgiving

Person holding a gold-tone fork with a bite of mac and cheese.

Friendsgiving is for sure our favorite time of the year, where we get to gather and destress with our found family before the holidays amp up. Whether a low-key affair or a perfectly extra extravaganza, Friendsgiving is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your friends without the stress and stuffiness of hosting Thanksgiving. This year you bring the friends, we bring the food. In honor of the most wonderful time of year, we’ve whipped up the perfect recipes for any Friendsgiving occasion. Any one of these decadent dishes are comfortable in a more traditional spread, but all together they add up to a truly iconic tablescape. (Just peep those photos!)

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Person at a table holding a gold-tone fork with a bite of mac and cheese, and a ceramic baking dish of mac & cheese on the table.

Need the perfect signature dish to pair with your dazzling Thanksgiving table decor? Look no further than this decadent dish. Our elevated take on this Thanksgiving staple combines opulent truffle oil with ZENB Creamy Cauliflower & Mushroom Sauce, and layers the whole thing over ZENB Elbows for the perfect boost of plant-fueled nutrition. The result? The ultimate mac and cheese that will keep people talking until next year. (Expect some requests to borrow the recipe for their own Thanksgiving activities.) 

Crispy chicken Puttanesca in a blue enameled baking dish sitting on a golden-colored placemat.

Trying to skip the turkey? Break the traditional molds of hosting Thanksgiving but keep the family-style vibes when your guests dig into crispy chicken and ZENB Pasta. The trick to the delectably crisp skin on this chicken is to sear undisturbed skin-down for 6-8 minutes until a nice crust forms. Even after it’s baked slowly in ZENB Red Pepper Gourmet sauce, this crust will stay deliciously crispy when you serve it up! Subtly seasoned with parsley and oregano, this dish will have your guests singing your praises in no time.

Two people sharing a pasta dish and a bubbly cocktail at a table set candles, salt and pepper shakers with a centerpiece of tomatoes.

Eating your vegetables has never been so delicious. Our take on pasta primavera keeps it simple and combines the expected veggie and pasta sides into one easy dish. (Can you say “lightning-fast cleanup”?). Bell peppers and spinach sauteed in olive oil and garlic add tasty veggie crunch, while ZENB Creamy Cauliflower & Mushroom Sauce adds a decadent creamy finish to the dish that will have your guests hungry for more.  

Woman in a fuzzy yellow sweater dipping cucumber into a platter of hummus, with a platter of vegetables and a dish of olives in the foreground.

Grocery store hummus is good, but homemade hummus takes your conversation from “I love this brand!” to “You actually made this yourself?!” The best part is: a great homemade hummus is really easy to achieve. Simply blend chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, water, and a few choice spices for the hummus base. Top with a delicious creation of garlic, lima beans, and onions all stewed in ZENB’s carefully slow-roasted Sweet Carrot & Tomato Gourmet Sauce... and ta-da! Serve with a few dippable veggies (plus some ZENB Pasta chips!) on the side, and you have the perfect app pairing for your pre-meal cocktails.

Ready to skip traditional Thanksgiving activities and celebrate the season with friends? Get the party started — send the e-vites, start the text chain, slap it on your Close Friends, however you stay in touch — and cook up some of these delicious recipes! Get all the ZENB ingredients you need for any of our recipes with our curated, limited-time Friendsgiving offers!

Need a few more recipes to round out your menu? Check out the rest of our 100+ recipes for the perfect Friendsgiving spread. And don’t forget to follow us @zenb_life Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know on all our Friendsgiving goings-on.

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