Get Your Veg On: ZENB’s Spring Recipe Round-Up

Brussels sprouts, peas, lemon, some seeds and herbs, and beets on a white wooden background

The coming of spring means so many exciting things, including, in no particular order: trading in puffy winter coats for denim jackets; treating yourself to bouquets of fresh flowers 💐; freewheeling bike rides through unexplored neighborhoods; and catching up with friends on back patios, front stoops, and park benches.

It also means the return of so much glorious seasonal produce after the long winter. As farmers pick the first crops of the year, market shelves start to fill up with all things green, leafy, and tender, which are a breath of fresh air if you’re craving vibrant, verdant flavors. Much like spring fashions, spring veggies are colorful, cheeky, and a little bit sassy, helping to clear out any lingering winter doldrums.

We’ve pulled together a handful of spring-perfect dishes from our epic recipe collection featuring some seasonal produce greatest hits. So, sharpen your chef’s knife, pop open a bottle of rosé (or mix up a zero-proof spritz), open up the windows, crank some tunes, and get cooking!

A bowl of ZENB Penne Pasta tossed with spring peas, feta, and pesto. A fork and napkin, a wooden bowl of crumbled feta, half of a lemon, herbs and a jar of pesto are alongside the bowl of pasta.
There is perhaps no produce more tied to the blossoming vibes of spring than fresh peas. They are one of the first green things to make an appearance each year, and their herbal, grassy flavor and cheerful emerald color are a welcome addition to all kinds of dishes.
We love these shamrock-hued spheres in soups, salads, and curries, but especially with pasta. This recipe for Spring Pea & Pesto Feta Pasta with ZENB Penne cleverly uses peas as the base for a zesty parsley pesto, which is enhanced with a crumble of salty feta. The recipe calls for frozen peas, but you can easily swap in fresh! If you’re using fresh peas, just make sure that you first rinse them well and give them a good simmer in water or broth for about six minutes.
A bowl of ZENB Agile Pasta with ZENB Roasted Red Bell Pepper Gourmet Sauce, peas, and fennel is on a placemat with a fork. Parsley, cut lemons, and half of an artichoke are alongside the bowl of pasta.
With its fabulous fronds, subtle licorice flavor, and epic crunch factor, fresh fennel is everything we love about springtime. This perennial herb is actually part of the carrot family (who knew?), and can be enjoyed raw and thinly sliced, or cooked. The fronds make a beautiful and flavorful garnish, so don’t toss them in the compost right away!
Our recipe for Fennel & Artichoke Agile Pasta pairs the delicate flavor of fennel with artichoke hearts and peas, which are also wonderful spring veggies! Ingredients, like threads of saffron and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Gourmet Sauce, efficiently build layers of flavor, and because this recipe uses our quick-cooking ZENB Pasta Agile, this tasty plant-fueled dish comes together in just 10 minutes!
A Black cast iron pan contains ZENB Sweet Carrot Marinara Gourmet Pasta Sauce, avocados, whole cooked eggs, and feta cheese. Alongside the pan is a wooden spoon on a napkin, a split avocado, parsley, and a plate with silverware.

Spring is the official start of brunch season, so why not invite your crew over for a healthy, nourishing plate of shakshuka? This traditional classic North African and Middle Eastern dish can be enjoyed any time of day, but it hits different when it’s the first meal of the day (preferably with lots of coffee).

The ZENB version of shakshuka of course packs in extra veggies, with a heap of fresh spinach leaves and our Sweet Carrot & Tomato Marinara Gourmet Sauce. Though you can find spinach all year-round, spring spinach tends to be tender and sweeter, so consider buying two bunches and making a simple spinach salad as a side dish.

A bowl is filled with ZENB Rotini Pasta tossed with shrimp and asparagus with a fork on the rim sits on a wooden surface. A pan with more pasta, a sliced lemon and some asparagus are on a wooden cutting board in the top right corner.

ZENB Rotini Skillet with Shrimp & Asparagus

Asparagus season starts in some places as early as February, but it really starts popping off in May. These slender stalks are nutritional powerhouses, packed with fiber, folate, and vitamins E, A, and C.

Asparagus and plump, juicy shrimp make a super-tasty pair in this ZENB Rotini Pasta Skillet, which is loaded with even more nutrition, thanks to our protein-rich 100% whole yellow pea pasta. This would be a great one to chill and pack up for a picnic!

Hot tip: To store asparagus, place the entire bundle in a mason jar filled about one-third full with cold water, similar to how you store herbs or display flowers.  

Ready to spring into action (see what we did there)? Head to ZENB’s full recipe collection for more great ideas, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! 

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