5 Bold, Delicious Recipes for Father’s Day

We will take any chance to celebrate the parents in our lives! Because let’s be honest: Whether you are a parent or have parents, you know it can be a tough, relentless job. There are so many dads and father figures who work so hard and make sacrifices to care for, protect, and nurture their families, and Father’s Day is a great time to send the love right back to them.

Lots of Father’s Day roundups skew along stereotypical gender lines, with “manliness” defined by grilling, whiskey, and beer. But we know there are all kinds of dads out there, with wildly different personalities, likes and dislikes, and lifestyle habits. The only thing we can say about most dads is that they share penchant for corny jokes and puns! So we’re offering up five plant-fueled recipes that are as bold, colorful, and fun as the fathers who give love and comfort to their kids, day in and day out.

This Father’s Day, let your dad (or fellow co-parent) sleep in, take a break, and kick it with the family before feasting on these delicious dishes:

Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Lobster and Lemon

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This is THE slam-dunk recipe for the MVP on Dad Day! Featured in the ZENB Chef Ballers competition on ZENB's hardwood kitchen court, ZENB Spaghetti, grilled tender lobster, and fresh lemon dish makes a splash all year round! This perfect bite is low in calories, a good source of protein, and a good source of fiber.

Italian-Style Pot Roast

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If you’re hosting a family gathering for Father’s Day, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve. One of our favorite hacks? Slow cooker recipes, like this pot roast made with boneless beef chuck roast, happily simmer away on the countertop while you clean the house, get the beverages in order, and make the salad. When mealtime rolls around, you’ve got a gorgeously tender, saucy entree all ready to go! Another great hack? Use ZENB Sweet Carrot and Tomato Marinara, a delicious sauce made with whole plants. It adds incredible flavor to the pot roast in one fell swoop!

Turkey Sloppy Joes

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 These classic sandos are a heart-healthy twist on the nostalgic favorite, swapping in lean ground turkey for beef, and working in an extra serving of vegetables with the addition of ZENB Sweet Carrot and Tomato Marinara! You only need 30 minutes to pull these together, and their crowd-pleasing flavors means kids will love them, too. We suggest pairing these with a movie marathon of dad’s favorite films.

Chicken Parm Pull-Apart Sliders

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 Chicken Parmesan is a celebration food that’s festive and comforting all at the same time. The combination of textures — crispy, crunchy, saucy, cheesy — are so harmonious and crave-worthy! Our clever recipe serves up chicken parm in bite-sized, party-ready sliders: homemade cutlets are layered with ZENB Sweet Carrot and Tomato Marinara and cheese and tucked into tender Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Assemble the sliders and then brush the rolls with butter before baking them to bubbling, golden perfection. Try these alongside a Caprese salad and a glass of Barbera or Montepulciano (if Dad’s a wine guy!).

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

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 For many families, pizza is a love language, a way to say “You are loved,” with cheese and sauce instead of words. If your dad or partner is a pizza freak, you’ll make their day with a big platter of these pizza rolls, stuffed generously with cheese and pepperoni, with plenty of ZENB Roasted Tomato, Garlic & Basil Gourmet Pasta Sauce for dipping. If you prefer, you can skip the meat and add veggies like chopped mushrooms, peppers, or onions instead.

Save time by stopping by your favorite pizza shop to buy pre-made dough; most will sell you some for just a few dollars!

However you plan to celebrate Father’s Day, we hope it’s a great one! For more tasty meals for special occasions, holidays and chill weeknights alike, head to our collection of over 150 recipes! And for more ZENB goodness, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

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