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A mostly white pasta bowl full of elbows pasta in a red sauce and garnished with herbs and freshly grated cheese. A wooden bowl with tomatoes sits in the foreground next to a bottle of olive oil.

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Try two of the whole veggie-packed ZENB Gourmet Sauces. Add chef-inspired flavor and one cup of veggies per serving to your pasta, pizza, baked chicken, and more with Roasted Tomato and Sweet Carrot & Tomato sauces.

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The foundation of ZENB Gourmet Pasta Sauce is built on the classic culinary confit technique. We start by simmering garlic, onion, olive oil, rice vinegar, and sea salt into a silky smooth base. Then we cook whole vegetables for just a short time, maintaining their true flavor. We blend everything together with culinary herbs and spices for a rich depth of flavor, natural sweetness, and umami.

A carton of ZENB Creamy Mushroom, Cauliflower & Garlic Gourmet Pasta Sauce on a white background.

NEW! Creamy Mushroom, Cauliflower, & Garlic

Our non-dairy, all dreamy cream sauce combines whole mushrooms, including their stems, with a blend of cauliflower and garlic to deliver a silky sauce perfect as a plant-fueled topping for a wide range of dishes.

A carton of ZENB Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sautéed Onion & Olive Oil Gourmet Sauce on a white background.


Inspired by the simple, fresh flavors of Tuscany, our sauce combines roasted red bell peppers (with stems and seeds), with sautéed onions, almonds, and olive oil for a robust sauce perfect for pasta or anything grilled.

A carton of ZENB Roasted Tomato, Garlic & Basil Gourmet Sauce on a white backgound.

Roasted Tomato, Garlic, & Basil

The smoky taste of plump, fire-roasted tomatoes, including the skin and seeds, with notes of garlic and basil, elevate this classic tomato sauce flavor from simple to elegant.
A carton of ZENB Sweet Carrot & Tomato Marinara Gourmet Sauce on a white background.

Sweet Carrot & Tomato Marinara

Our updated take on the classic marinara flavor you know starts with whole carrots, including their skin, and plenty of delicious, ripe tomatoes, onions, and basil, for a sauce bursting with veggie flavor.

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More Than Just a Pasta Sauce

ZENB Gourmet Sauce is a perfect companion to ZENB Pasta — but it’s also a flavorful addition to pizza, lasagna, baked chicken, Bloody Marys, and more! Discover all the ways this versatile sauce can be used in our recipe database.

Expect More From Your Sauce

Whether paired together or enjoyed separately, ZENB Pasta and ZENB Sauce are designed to help you get more of nature’s goodness into your everyday meals.

One Bite Closer to a Better World

ZENB is about more effectively harnessing the goodness of nature to achieve more mindful food. For us, that meant creating ZENB Pasta with a single earth-friendly ingredient: the yellow pea, which requires less water and fertilizer to grow than wheat crops.