How to Fit Meatless Mondays Into Your Week

Whether it’s to help combat climate change, or to make weeknight meals a little more exciting, committing to a Meatless Monday can be a powerful step on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Meatless Monday is a global initiative to skip meat once a week to help reduce our carbon footprint. Despite common belief that planes, trains, and automobiles are the sole culprits of climate change, raising livestock is also a large contributor to carbon emissions. In fact, skipping a serving of beef every Monday for a year saves the total emissions produced by driving 348 miles in a car.

If you’re interested in skipping a serving of meat to save the planet, help yourself, and harness more of nature’s goodness, try these five tips to help get your Meatless Monday incorporated into your schedule with ease — and tons of flavor!

Find New Ways to Incorporate Protein

If you rely on meat to carry the protein in your meals, you’ll need to look into finding different sources of protein for your Meatless Monday meals. Look to protein-packed legumes like lentils and yellow peas, along with whole grains and ready-made swaps like tofu and seitan to make sure you’re powered up with plant-powered protein.

For an extra protein boost on your Meatless Monday, try ZENB Vegan Tahini Mac and Cheese, which pairs carrots and tahini with 100% yellow pea ZENB Pasta for a good source of protein!

Reinvent Your Favorite Recipes

Another way to make Meatless Mondays work for your lifestyle is to simply take your tried-and-true recipes and make them without meat — or with a plant-powered substitute. Swap out your beef patties for veggie burgers or replace your taco meat with perfectly seasoned cauliflower.

You might also think about the flavors in your favorite dishes, and find Meatless Monday recipes that have a similar flavor profile. For example, if you’re craving grilled chicken pasta, you can swap in the super flavorful, vegetarian ZENB Penne Pasta Bake With Greens & Basil for that same comfort dish feeling — and you won’t even miss the meat!

Incorporate Contrasting Vegetables

Eating more plants doesn’t mean you have to endure bland food. Ensure your Meatless Monday recipes are anything but boring by including vegetables with differing textures and tastes into your meals. For example, pair the bright snap of red pepper with soft chickpeas, or the acidic, juicy tomato with cool, smooth avocado.

Blending up vegetables is always a good way to create fulfilling, smooth textures and complex flavors. Try the ZENB Rotini Hot Harvest Bowl to enjoy the contrast between the sweetness of caramelized veggies with a savory red pepper sauce.

Scout Out Local Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants

Make your meatless meal a night of exploration. Find local restaurants that offer vegetarian or vegan options; depending on your area, there may even be restaurants that specialize in plant-powered dishes. You might even take inspiration from your take out and find some new favorite Meatless Monday recipes to recreate at home!

Wanting to stay in? Try out this briney, roasty, chef-inspired ZENB Rotini With Pan-Roasted Sicilian Cauliflower Caponata for an at-home meal that still feels restaurant-fancy.

Try New Cuisines

Don’t be afraid to branch out to other cuisines for inspiration! Meatless Monday is a time for trying new tastes and expanding your horizons. Brighten up your vegetables and plant-powered proteins with seasonings you wouldn’t usually use in your day-to-day cooking, or look for local restaurants you wouldn’t usually try.

Spice up your pasta night with this Veggie Green Curry with ZENB Penne Pasta that includes bright ginger and a smooth coconut finish.


How you decide to kick off your Meatless Mondays and incorporate the benefits of not eating meat into your lifestyle is completely up to you. Be sure to find the right balance of nutrition and flavor that fits your lifestyle! And, remember, the point of Meatless Monday is to focus on small things making a big difference — not to be overwhelmed by massive change.

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