A Vision of Earth in 2120, Embodied by ZENB

A Vision of Earth in 2120, Embodied by ZENB


Mizkan envisions a future with an Earth that is still beautiful for all to enjoy. Below are the following ways ZENB will help bring this vision to life, starting with water.


Leverage Ingredients That Use Less Water to Grow 

ZENB as global brand is developing plant-based products with whole ingredients. One of our offerings is a reimagined food staple, ZENB Pasta, made healthier than traditional pasta by its single ingredient, 100% yellow peas with skin.

Yellow peas have a lower carbon footprint and use less water and fertilizer to grow than the durum wheat used to make traditional pasta. The yellow pea plant also adds amino acids to the soil as it grows, improving the yield of future crops.

Find and Implement Production Methods That Use Less Water

ZENB globally will work on developing responsible production methods that reduce water wastage.


Inspire Our Community to Use Less Water

Our ZENB Pasta is good down to the water that it is boiled in, which is why we inspire our community with recipes that use the ZENB Pasta water for more than just cooking the pasta, like Ginger Garlic Soup with ZENB Rotini Pasta, Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup With Kale & ZENB Elbows Pasta, and many more.


One Bite Closer to a Better World

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