Pasta Is Love: Show How Much You Care With A Delicious, Homemade Dish!

When there’s someone you really love — whether that’s romantic, platonic, or familial — how do you show it? There are a million words and gestures that can express affection, but, for foodies like our ZENB Community, one of the most powerful forms of showing you care is cooking for someone. Food taps into a primal part of our brains and is part of the reason that it feels so good to gather around a table with others to share a meal. When you feed someone, you’re helping them feel safe and conjuring core memories in a profound way.

If there’s someone you’d like to woo or simply just connect with this Valentine’s Day, try a home-cooked meal featuring ZENB Pasta. Truly, few other foods say “love” like pasta!

And, the best part about pasta is that you can take it in so many directions: classic and comforting (here’s looking at you, tomato sauce), or experimental and eclectic. You can incorporate flavors from across the globe, work around dietary restrictions or allergies, make something lusciously indulgent or something light and fresh. Pasta is the canvas upon which you can use to craft the ideal meal for sweetie.

You can’t go wrong with any of the pasta recipes from the ZENB recipe collection, but we’ve scoured the vault and found some of the most romantic recipes you can whip up for your date!

Cacio e K-Pop 

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There’s something so alluring about the minimalist simplicity of cacio e pepe (which translates to “cheese and pepper”). It’s like the pasta equivalent of the phrase, All killer, no filler. This on-trend flavor combo of Pecorino Romano, Parmesan-Reggiano, and cracked black pepper has roots in Rome, Italy — a very romantic place — but this recipe jet-sets to the other side of the world to incorporate Korean flavors into the mix.

Cacio e K-Pop with ZENB Spaghetti starts with a straightforward method, but then adds a spoonful of gochujang, a fermented chili paste that’s used in a lot of Korean and Asian-fusion cooking. It’s a complex, spicy, umami-bomb that adds layers of flavor to everything it touches. This fun twist to a classic pasta dish is a great way to show that you’re not afraid to be a little daring!

ZENB Cavatappi alla Vongole 

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Shellfish always delivers romantic, special-occasion vibes to the max! Our take on the classic Italian dish, Linguine alla Vongole (“with clams”) swaps in ZENB Cavatappi; its small, loose spirals perfectly grab the sauce, which is an aromatic combination of garlic, shallots, crushed red pepper, white wine, and the natural brine that releases from the littleneck clams as they steam open.

Serve this zesty dish with a spritzy citrus mocktail or a glass of full-bodied Italian white wine, like Fruilano or Vermentino, to channel your favorite Italian trattoria.

Spinach ZENB Lasagna Roll-Ups 

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Who says lasagna has to be a horizontally layered square? Think outside the box, and try the new no-boil ZENB Lasagna noodles in this quirky dish, which turns lasagna on its head! Each noodle is rolled up with a creamy ricotta and spinach mixture, and then are baked, arranged under a delicious blanket of sauce and cheese.

If you and your SO or BFF enjoy cooking together as a shared activity, this is a great one to make together. Rolling up the stuffed noodles is fun and interactive, and because it only needs to bake for 20 to 30 minutes, you’ll have just enough time to set the table, mix up some cocktails, and throw a salad together!

Here’s a hot tip: Don’t cook for your loved one(s) just on Valentine’s Day! To show your love all year long, stay in your kitchen groove — ZENB is here to help with our epic recipe collection of over 150 plant-fueled dishes to explore and try. For more cooking advice, recipe hacks, and tips on leading a balanced lifestyle, follow ZENB on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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