Eat Like it Matters: Eating for the Planet

Food is one of the most important parts of our lives. It provides us with nourishment for our bodies, of course, and like music and art, it also feeds our souls and connects us with our families, our friends, and our cultures. Food can be a portal to learn about other places in the world, and a window into your own creative mind. At ZENB, we are committed to providing food options that value the planet, a value that we know is shared by our ZENB community.

You’ve learned our approach to diets that let you  eat like it matters … for nutrition and for family and community. Let’s spend some time understanding why ZENB is focused on vegetables as our core ingredients.

Vegetable farming can actually help to heal the planet. According to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, farming plants, especially using organic or regenerative practices, can mitigate global warming through its ability to preserve more carbon in the soil which fuels healthy growth, by reducing the risk of groundwater pollution through clean farming practices, and by encouraging biodiversity which makes crops more resistant to disease and climate change. And there are some vegetables, such as the yellow peas that ZENB Pasta is made from, that improve soil health just by the act of growing, making them even more sustainable crops! Yellow peas actually deposit nitrogen in the soil as they grow, making the soil healthier for the crops that are planted in the same fields later.

ZENB exists to cultivate more conscientious eating … for ourselves, our community and the world around us.We take a plant-full approach as we re-invent everyday food using only real ingredients. Embracing the Japanese zenbu (全部) concept of WHOLE, we add less and waste nothing to unleash the flavor & nutrients of plants.

Reducing food waste is another component of eating like it matters for the planet. On an individual level, this can mean learning to properly save, and actually use your leftovers, or composting food scraps instead of throwing them away. Or, maybe you spend a few extra minutes thinking outside the box about each ingredient in your fridge, and how to make the most of them. Veggie peels and odds and ends can get transformed into broth; pulp leftover after juicing can be added to muffins and smoothies; citrus rind can be candied, zested into dressings and sauces, or infused into simple syrup for mocktails. Just like ZENB yellow pea pasta uses the entire veg including the skin, you might want to think about how to maximize other food ingredients you use too!

The next time you’re at the market or adding to your online cart, tune into the choices you’re making. Every item in your cart is part of a bigger story about how you’re engaging with the world and impacting the environment. The goal is not for perfection or being plain bland! Instead, it’s about aligning your consumption habits and decisions with a core understanding of the world we share. Over time, it can make a big difference.

Want more plants and more deliciousness in your meals? Check out the ZENB recipe collection of over 150 tasty dishes to keep things fresh in the kitchen. For more info and tips on how to live a balanced life, explore our blog, and follow ZENB on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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