ZENB Cavatappi Pasta
ZENB Cavatappi Pasta
A chart showing a comparison of ZENB Pasta versus traditional pasta: protein (ZENB 17 grams v traditional 11 grams), Fiber (ZENB 11 grams v traditional 3 grams), and Net Carbs* (ZENB 43 grams v traditional 61 grams) per 3 oz serving. *Net Carbs: Total Carbs - Dietary Fiber
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ZENB Cavatappi Pasta

Get 9 boxes of this slender spiral pasta

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The small, loose spirals in this slender shape make it great for serving with sauces, in salads, or baked casseroles. Made from one simple ingredient, 100% yellow peas, including the skins, each 3 oz serving delivers 17 g of protein and 11 g of fiber, plus key vitamins and minerals, with the texture you expect, a subtle taste, and delicious flavor.

Certified gluten-free Verified non-GMO Good source of protein Excellent source of fiber Vegan No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

Make better-for-you, delicious recipes with this fun shape you can feel good about serving to your family.

Learn about our delicious and healthy ZENB Pasta in Details & Nutrition Facts below.

Includes: 9 (8 oz/340 g) boxes of pasta


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