Veggie Stick Product Rail

Made with the addition of the beet peel for more nutrition and fiber, our Beet Veggie Sticks use only organic, real ingredients you can trust for a nicely balanced mix of savory and sweet.
Using the whole pumpkin, including skin and seeds, Pumpkin Veggie Sticks offer full-flavored veggie taste with a touch of cinnamon & nutmeg that’s perfect for the fall but enjoyable all year long.
For tasty on-the-go fiber and nutrition, enjoy the taste of delicious organically-grown carrots with a hint of flavorful coriander in these veggie-first, non-GMO Carrot Veggie Sticks.
With our original three non-GMO, plant-based flavors of Beet, Corn, and Red Bell Pepper, this Veggie Sticks Variety Pack is a delicious way to enjoy the veggies you love.