Salad with Creamy Coriander & Cumin Hummus Bed

Vegan dinner made from spiced homemade hummus and topped with easy, delicious salad.

Pairing hummus with veggies? A delicious no-brainer. But pairing it with a salad? Tell me more. This salad starts by smoothing a layer of hummus beneath your bed of greens, giving your meal tons of added texture, nutrients, and flavor. Yum!


But this hummus isn’t your typical recipe. Coriander and cumin combine to add a blend of smooth earthy flavor that helps enhance the taste of your crisp and crunchy veggies. Its velvety smooth texture makes our take on creamy hummus a delicious salad dressing stand-in.


Whether you dip, dress, or eat it by the spoonful, we hope you enjoy!


Salad with Creamy Coriander & Cumin Hummus Bed

Serves: 6

Prep Time: 20 minutes



Food Processor or Blender


Hummus Ingredients

2  cans chickpeas, 1 drained


1/2  cup tahini


2  cloves garlic


1  onion, sliced


3  tablespoon nutritional yeast seasoning


1  lemon, juiced


1/4  cup olive oil


1  teaspoon cumin


1  teaspoon coriander


Salt and pepper


Salad Ingredients

4  cups baby lettuce mix


1  cup cherry tomatoes, quartered


2  small cucumbers, sliced


1/4  cup slivered almonds


3  tablespoons fresh mint leaves


1/2  small white onion, sliced


Salt and pepper

How to make homemade hummus that’s full of flavor and spices for serving vegan meals.


1.  Add all hummus ingredients to food processor or blender.

Making hummus at home with a lot of flavor from spices like coriander and cumin.

2.  Blend until smooth and consistent. Set aside to start the salad.


3. Add salad ingredients to a large bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste.


4. Mix to combine and set aside.


5. Using a knife or the back of a large spoon, smooth a layer of hummus onto serving plates to create the “hummus bed.”


6. Top with salad, serve, and enjoy!


Serving hummus at home as a salad dressing and complete healthy vegan, plant-based meal.

tasty tip

After you assemble your dish, drizzle with a little extra olive oil and a small squeeze of lemon to get more pops of flavor in every bite. And if you’re a fan of extra creamy hummus, simply add more tahini to get an even smoother texture.



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