ZENB VIPea Dinner At Momotaro in Chicago’s West Loop

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, local foodie tastemakers, chefs, and food industry leaders gathered for a decadent dinner to taste what plants can do with ZENB products at Momotaro in Chicago’s trendy West Loop neighborhood.

Dinner menu.

Renowned Chef Gene Kato crafted an impressive multi-course dinner featuring ZENB Pasta and Gourmet sauce in new and unexpected ways. The first course included a savory Crab Salad with ZENB Rotini Pasta, presented in an endive shell. He also ingeniously leveraged whole yellow pea flour (the only ingredient in ZENB Pasta) to create a shell for an Uni Tart.

A dinner plate with Crab Salad in endive shell, tart with uni, and sashimi

In the second course, he used the ZENB Tomato, Garlic, & Basil Gourmet Pasta Sauce in a delicious take on chawan mushi, incorporating the last of summer’s sweet corn.

A bowl of savory corn chawanmushi with shrimp.

The third course included ZENB Elbows Pasta in a sauce with rounds of puffed meatball deliciousness. Guests even asked for seconds!

Wagyu beef, meatball, elbows pasta and salad being plated.

The feast was capped off with an inspired dessert from pastry chef, Jessica Vazquez, made with whole yellow pea flour and seasonal apples.

Apple crumble with white chocolate ganache

ZENB marketing VP shared ZENB’s vision of how ZENB is on a mission to develop crave-worthy o­fferings that encourage people to embrace a whole-plant approach.

A table of diners listening to speakers.

Attendees remarked how happy they were to have ZENB as the catalyst for bringing them together in one of their first in-person events since the pandemic. They were impressed with the ZENB vision on how to taste, feel, and see what plants can do. They couldn’t wait to try ZENB products in their own homes!

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