ZENB VIPea Dinner and Documentary Premiere At Gem in New York’s Lower East Side

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, national publication food editors, bloggers, and tastemakers gathered for a farm-to-table dinner and the premiere of the ZENB documentary, What Plants Can Do, at Gem in New York’s edgy Lower East Side neighborhood.

The dinner kicked off with a screening of the new ZENB documentary, What Plants Can Do. ZENB partnered with Hunter Fieri to develop the short film which explores the farm to table journey of the hero ingredient in ZENB Pasta, the yellow pea.

Chef Flynn McGarry, known as the “Justin Beiber of Food”, crafted a warm hug of a four-course dinner featuring ZENB Pasta and Gourmet Sauce in cozy, comforting ways.

A man and a woman cooking at a stove in a commercial kitchen, the man is stirring a pot, and two steaming pots are in the foreground.

The first course included a chicory salad dressed with a caesar dressing crafted using the NEW ZENB Creamy Mushroom Gourmet Sauce and a smoky pozole-style soup made with ZENB Elbows Pasta and the NEW ZENB Red Bell Pepper Sauce.

A bowl of pozole-style soup in a two-handled bowl and garnished with a firm cream on a table next to a menu, with a glass of wine in the background.

In the second course, he showcased his take on a Greek ​​pastitio, using pressed layers of ZENB Penne Pasta with ZENB Roasted Tomato Gourmet Sauce, butternut squash, and sage.

A close up of a white shallow bowl of pastitio made withe penne pasta, roasted tomato sauce and squash, garnished with sage, in a small pool of sauce and a wineglass in the background.

The third course was a decadent showstopper — ZENB Rotini Pasta with the NEW ZENB Creamy Mushroom Gourmet Sauce, seasonal mushrooms, black truffle, and a seasoned breadcrumb crumble.

 A closeup rotini pasta, seasonal mushrooms, and truffles, garnished with a breadcrumb crumble on a white plate with a fork.

Chef Flynn showed off the depths of his ingenious culinary skills with an autumnal dessert featuring a homemade ice cream made from ZENB Pasta soaked in milk overnight, paired with delicious glazed quince.  

A close of up a white bowl half-filled with a white-colored home made ice cream, glazed quince on a bed of cream-colored crumble and a spoon dipping into the quince.

Attendees remarked how impressed they were with the taste and texture of the ZENB Pasta. They were inspired by the ZENB mission of helping consumers get more plant-based foods in their diets, and remarked how relevant this approach is to the people they engage with regularly. They couldn’t wait to share ZENB with their communities!

Follow along to learn more about ZENB culinary events by following us @zenb_life on Facebook and Instahttps://gem-3910432.netgram. 

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