What Does Using More Of The Veggie Really Mean?

At ZENB, we’re all about moving food culture forward, encouraging our readers to limit their food waste, and inspiring others to live a life well-balanced. That’s why we pride ourselves on using as much of the whole vegetable as possible.

But what does using more of the whole veggie really mean?

It means from peel to core, stem to seed, and kernel to cob, we leave out as little of the veggie as possible in the making of ZENB snacks, and then combine them with tasty, wholesome ingredients to create veggie-first snacks you can enjoy anywhere.

By utilizing more parts of the whole veggie, you get to enjoy the veggie flavor you know and love while getting extra fiber.

That means that when you’re nomming on Red Bell Pepper Veggie Sticks or Veggie Bites, you’re not only enjoying the parts commonly found in your favorite dishes, you’re also getting extra fiber from the seeds and skin, while enhancing the delicious flavor.

When it comes to our Sweet Potato Veggie Bites, you are consuming much more fiber from the whole veggie, not just what’s contained within the core of the sweet potato. Not only does this make an enjoyable veggie-first snack by increasing your fiber consumption, it also improves the balanced savory-sweet flavor of your snack.

And it’s no different with all our other tasty veggie-first flavors:

Beet Veggie Sticks and Veggie Bites: A favorite in salads, but now with even more to love since you’re also able to benefit from the skin that’s normally thrown away. What’s that mean? Same delicious, hearty taste, but more fiber that you can take with you to enjoy anywhere.

Pumpkin Veggie Sticks: It doesn’t have to be fall for you to enjoy pumpkins, especially when you keep the skin and seeds to get more out of this veggie and add in some cinnamon and nutmeg for a full flavor snack. With flavor and fiber combined, fall can keep the PSL, and we’ll enjoy Pumpkin Veggie Sticks all year long.

Edamame Veggie Bites: Already super snackable on its own, but we keep not only use the tasty beans, we add in the pods usually tossed away as well. Then, combine in the leafy goodness of spinach and tropical twist of mango and you have yourself a snack to be proud of.

Corn Veggie Sticks and Veggie Bites: Always non-GMO and organic, our Corn snacks always pack that sweet corn flavor you crave with a little nutritional wonder of extra fiber thanks to the use of not only the tasty corn kernels, but also the fiber-filled cob.

Carrot Veggie Sticks: A staple in so many recipes we all know and love, an important part of carrots is often left out — the skin! Why lose out on so much flavor and fiber? We asked the same thing, and brought them together in our Carrot Veggie Sticks for a wholesome little snack you can take on the go.

The practice of using more of the vegetable is inspired by our philosophy of minimizing food waste, which leaves a lasting impact on the wellbeing of people and our planet.

Given that the average American does not get enough of the recommended dietary fiber per day, you can increase your fiber intake from the seeds, skins, and stems that normally go to waste. We use these fiber full parts of the vegetable in our ZENB Veggie Sticks & Bites to make sure you can enjoy all the veggie goodness there is to enjoy.

That’s what it means to use more of the veggie in your snacks! So the next time you’re looking for new ways to include more veggies and fiber in your daily life, check out our Community page where we post recipes and articles with new tips for living a more well-balanced life. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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