Spring Into Action: Better-For-You Snacks and Meals for the On-the-Go Vibes of the Season

Every Spring, it feels like the world is waking up. After months of being indoors, we tend to experience a resurgence of activity: Work and school functions and get-togethers with friends begin to fill up our social calendars. And, the wider world calls; we book family trips, girls’ weekends, spring break vacations, and other getaways to greener pastures. It’s a busy time of action and movement.

You can’t expect to rock your spring to-do lists and travel plans without the proper fuel — as always, ZENB is here to help!

We’re known for our innovative gluten-free yellow pea pasta, and we’ve been putting that same energy into fabulous quick meals and snack options to help our community elevate their on-the-go food. If you never want to get stuck eating rest stop food on road trips or overpriced airplane meals during your travels, ZENB Pasta Agile Bowls and ZENB Cracker Crisps are your secret hack.

Here’s a quick reintroduction to these on-the-go girlies:

  • ZENB Pasta Agile Bowls are savory, aromatic complete meals that come together in just 3 minutes. Each bowl comes with protein- and fiber-packed, gluten-free ZENB Pasta Agile, chef-crafted seasoning packets in globally-inspired flavors, and finishing oil for a luxurious touch.

    Flavors include: Tomato Basil Pesto, Zesty Garlic Spinach, Mexican Street Corn, and Red Pepper Harissa.

  • ZENB Cracker Crisps are the airy, flaky, flavor-forward crackers you’ve been waiting for! Just like ZENB pasta, these are made with yellow peas, an ancient superfood with modern benefits (learn more here). They’re super-satisfying and deliver 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in every serving.

  • Flavors include: Salt n' More (Himalayan sea salt and olive oil), Everything n’ Dill (inspired by everything bagels), and Rosemary n' Chia.

    Both of these were born for travel excursions. Cracker Crisps and Pasta Agile Bowls are lightweight, meaning you’ll barely clock them in your carry-on or tote bag. Both are easy to enjoy any time of day, even at breakfast! And both can supplement foods you encounter on the road to make smart snacking a whole lot easier. 

    One of the best parts about Pasta Agile Bowls is that they can be prepared anywhere there is access to a microwave or boiling water. That means you can make it for lunch in a hotel room while you take a midday rest. We’ve even been known to start the day with a Pasta Agile Bowl paired with some healthy picks, like hard-boiled eggs and fruit, from the complimentary breakfast in the hotel lobby. Or, if you’re craving a late-night snack after going out, your body will thank you for choosing a Pasta Agile Bowl instead of something from the vending machine.

    You can evan make Pasta Agile Bowls on a plane! Just ask for some hot water from the flight attendent. After taking out the oil packet and opening the spice packet into the cup, add the hot water, up to the inner fill line. Let it sit for 5 minutes, or until the water is absorbed and the veggies are soft. Then mix in the oil, and voila! You have a better-for-you meal while you fly.

    Or, check out this clever work-around: If you’re at a work conference and the lunch catering isn’t doing it for you, you can make a Pasta Agile Bowl with the hot water dispenser, usually meant for tea, at the coffee station!

    If you love a salty snack while traveling, ZENB Cracker Crisps are such a clean, better-for-you alternative to processed junk. You’ll get all the crunchy goodness you crave, without the starches, gums, additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors that are often in the ingredients lists of mainstream snack foods.

    With a box of ZENB Cracker Crisps in your bag, navigating rest stops and travel centers is so empowering. A surprising number of roadside convenience shops offer healthy dips, like hummus, guacamole and salsa, all of which are tasty accompaniments to ZENB Cracker Crisps. A container of plain Greek or plant-based yogurt with some salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon also makes a surprisingly good and high-protein DIY dip that’s especially nice with our Everything n’ Dill Cracker Crisps. Or, maybe you come across a charming farmstand on a country road; a little wedge of small-batch cheese with some fresh veggies, like cherry tomatoes and snap peas, makes an ideal impromptu picnic.

    No matter where your Springtime adventures take you, ZENB Pasta Agile Bowls and Cracker Crisps are the perfect snacking companions!

    For more trips on travel, nutrition, and cooking, check out the ZENB Blog. If you love to cook, don’t miss our amazing recipe collection, packed with over 150 plant-fueled dishes to try for every meal of the day. And, follow ZENB on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for daily inspiration on how to live a balanced lifestyle.  

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