4 Easy Snacks to Fuel Your Hustle

The ZENB community is full of people who were born to strive, curious types who are always ready to dive into new experiences and work hard. Don’t get us wrong; we also love to have fun, to kick back and relax, and to gather with friends around the table for elevated, delicious meals. But when it’s time to grind, we get right down to business and push toward our goals!

This lifestyle can be so rewarding, but also a bit hectic. In the midst of all you’ve got going on, it’s not always easy to find the time to nourish yourself to keep up the energy required for the hustle. Luckily, there are plenty of tasty, healthy snacks and on-the-goal bites to sustain you between meals or give you a boost if lunch just isn’t gonna happen today (hey, we’ve all been there).

So many snack foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and hyper-processed ingredients. If you’re looking for snacks that actually can power your day, we’ve got you covered! Here are four easy, convenient snacks to keep your motor running:

ZENB Agile Bowls 

Okay… so this first snack is more like a quick-meal idea… as quick and convenient as a snack but better for you and delicious. We are so excited about the launch of our newest product: ZENB Agile Bowls. These convenient microwavable bowls pack an incredible amount of bold, savory flavor into packable, snackable portions. We’ve created six crave-worthy flavors which draw inspiration from global cuisines, like Tomato Basil Pesto, Cauliflower Tikka Masala, Mexican Street Corn, and more!  

Each Agile Bowl starts with ZENB’s quick-cooking, 100% yellow pea Pasta Agile, and includes vegetables, seasonings, and finishing oil, for a deeply satisfying gluten-free, plant-based snack that’s ready in under three minutes. Agile Bowls are easy to throw in your work bag, gym bag or weekend bag, and are perfect for those moments in-between meetings or appointments.

Plant-Based Charcuterie Board

Cheese, salami and crackers are a classic snack, but aren’t the best option for those with dietary restrictions or health concerns. Luckily, vegan cheeses and meats have come a long way over the past few years! That means you can enjoy a better-for-you charcuterie board on the go. Invest in a bento-box-style container with separate compartments, and then fill them with your favorite plant-based cheese and any other accouterments you love. These might include: vegan deli meat or pepperoni slices, marinated beans, kimchi, olives, artichoke hearts, grapes, apples, seed crackers, sliced baguette, and spiced nuts.

Next-Level Crudité

Fresh vegetables are the ultimate healthy snack, but we can’t blame you if you’re tired of celery sticks and baby carrots. Take your travel crudité game to the next level with some creative swaps! Try any combination of these for a gorgeous, rainbow-hued upgrade: 

  • Rainbow carrots cut into thin coins 
  • Heirloom grape tomatoes skewered on toothpicks with leaves of fresh basil 
  • Sugar snap peas 
  • Purple or yellow cauliflower florets 
  • Sauteed shishito peppers with Maldon salt
  • Uber-crunchy Persian cucumbers with a sprinkle of dried sumac.

Enjoy the veggies on their own, or pack a small container of your favorite dressing, dip, or hummus.

Homemade Trail Mix

DIYing your own trail mix is the easiest thing and lets you customize your nosh however you want. Buying nuts in bulk is economic and practical (so you can use them for other recipes), so head to a health-food store and stock up! Once back at home, create your own custom trail mix blend and keep it in a sealed container. It should last for a few weeks, and you can fill up a reusable bag with your mix to tote along on your adventures! Some trail mix ingredients to try are: 

  • Roasted or raw nuts, like almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts 
  • Roasted or raw seeds, like sunflower, pumpkin, chia, hemp 
  • Dried fruit, like cranberries, goji berries, tart cherries, mango, banana 
  • Crunchy bits, like peanuts, sesame sticks, seaweed, pretzels, cereal, dried veggies  
  • Sweet bits, like cacao nibs, dried coconut, dark chocolate chunks, freeze dried strawberries.

When you do have a little more time to kick it in the kitchen, check out ZENB’s recipe collection with over 150+ plant-fueled dishes to discover. To connect with other hustlers in the ZENB community, join in the conversation on our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages! 

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