Meet the Makers


My name is Taichi. As the Chief Operating Officer at ZENB US, I have the privilege of leading the creative, passionate, talented team of people here at ZENB. Our food scientists, innovation experts, sales & marketing, and many others work week after week to make great food products that we believe are not only delicious, but are also better for you and better for the world around us.

In fact, ZENB exists to cultivate more conscientious eating. We take a plant-full approach as we re-invent everyday food using only real ingredients. Embracing the Japanese zenbu (全部) concept of WHOLE, we add less and waste nothing to unleash the flavor & nutrients of plants.

Part of our philosophy here at ZENB is a commitment to transparency, to make sure that you as our customer understand our products and how they are made. With this in mind, we want you to hear from the various people that come together to develop our delicious products. We’ll take you behind the scenes of how we pick ingredients, how we develop flavor, the process it takes to create our packaging, or how we develop the content on our website. We want to introduce you to the people who have been harnessing over 200 years of food development expertise to create our nature-driven, upcycling approach that unlocks what plants can do with no compromise on taste & texture.

We welcome your questions, comments or ideas at any time as invite you to Meet the Makers.

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