Make the World Your Gym (Without a Gym Membership)

It’s the new year, you’re determined, you’re focused, you’re excited. You’ve decided to get in shape and make 2020 about YOU. You may feel unsure where to start, but that’s where we come in. This article will give you 3 ways to make the world your gym, no membership or equipment required.

1. Try Bodyweight Fitness

Using your body to train is a great way to introduce working out into your routine. Many of these movements, like planks, burpees, and bicycles, can be done practically anywhere and don’t take up too much space. So find where you are most comfortable — the office, living room, backyard — and blast your favorite music while you dominate your workout.

There are a bunch of resources online to find bodyweight routines and advice on exercise modifications. Our favorite is from, which has a great beginner workout you can do at home, and it only takes 20 minutes.

2. Invest in Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great investment, especially if you’re short on time. They’re pretty inexpensive, usually between $10 to $20 — cheaper than most monthly gym memberships!

What makes these so valuable are their versatility and accessibility. Some are designed to fit between a door and its frame, so you can use them practically anywhere, even when traveling. You can even use them while watching TV or while you work.

For example, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and put one end of the strap underneath your feet. Pull up on the other end with one or both hands to do a bicep curl. Or wrap the strap around a horizontal bar and through itself to secure, and, standing with feet hips-width apart and good posture, pull on the strap in a rowing motion.

If the toughest band becomes too easy, add the other bands to increase resistance. 

3. Turn Chores into Workouts

Why not take things you normally do every day and, with small modifications, turn them into workouts? If you’re working on laundry, do a squat to pick up the basket instead of bending over. When you mop or cook, slightly bend your knees to activate your core. You probably won’t get a six pack from flexing your abs, but you may notice that you have a better posture, better stability, and better stamina.

Another simple exercise is doing calf raises whenever you find yourself standing still — like folding laundry, cooking, even brushing your teeth. You could even do lunges as you walk from one room to another. Whatever it is you do, make it fun for yourself! 

You’ve got the routine, you’ve got your workout mix, nothing can stop you. 2020 is your year!

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