Four Benefits of Eating Seasonally

With today’s technology and transportation, it seems that we can have whatever we want, whenever we want it. This applies to our food, as well. From a tomato salad in January to pumpkin pie in August, it seems that we can defy any natural boundary to achieve any recipe.

However, there are numerous benefits to eating in season. Not only does it cut down on carbon emissions and support local economies, but it also makes our meals tastier!

So how does in-season produce add life to our groceries? Read on to learn four benefits to eating seasonally.

Packs In Nutrients

Eating seasonally not only boosts the taste of your food, but also how many nutrients it has in it. Consuming foods during the season when they naturally grow allows them to fully mature for peak ripeness. When produce is grown out of season, this prohibits the fruits and vegetables from fully following their rhythmic pattern of growth.

That means meals with winter vegetables such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts will pack in more goodness during the colder months, while dishes with summer tomatoes pack more punch in June through August. Of course, it’s important to check your local growing cycles to see what produce is seasonal to you!

Reduces Out-Of-Season Emissions

The emissions involved in transporting out-of-season produce can also get quite hefty. Since produce has to be grown further and further away as it becomes out of season, the long-distance transport can cause much larger carbon emissions to reach your supermarket.

Cut your carbon footprint by finding seasonal produce either in the grocery store or at a local farmers market! In season vegetables in your area have a much shorter commute to your kitchen.

Saves Some Cash

When fruits and vegetables are in season, they become much more abundant. Since grocery stores have plenty in stock, seasonal produce is also cheaper. Planning your meals with seasonal produce will save you some money on the grocery bill!

For example, take some burden of your wallet during the summer by incorporating cucumbers and zucchini in meals as your green vegetable of choice instead of wintery greens like cabbage.

Gives Dishes Life!

Finding in-season produce can also level up your home cooking! As they are given time to ripen in their natural season, they build nutrition as well as taste. These rhythms help make salads with bell peppers extra crisp in the summer, and can also make summer berries less bright in the autumnal months.

It’s important to find the ways that fit your lifestyle to eat in season! Although seasonal produce is more ripe and sustainable, be sure to find recipes that fit your taste.

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