A box of ZENB Rotini Pasta, on an angle so the side panel showing a comparison of protein, fiber and net carbs to traditional pasta is visible.
A box of ZENB Rotini
A bowl of ZENB Rotini  with diced cooked carrot, shaved parmesan cheese, chiffonade of basil, and drizzled with olive oil
A chart showing a comparison of ZENB Pasta versus traditional pasta protein (ZENB 17g v traditional 11g), Fiber (ZENB 11g v traditional 3g), and Net Carbs (ZENB 43g v traditional 61g) per 3 oz serving
A bowl of ZENB Rotini lightly covered in a red sauce with cherry red tomatoes, basil and diced green pepper. A wooden fork full of pasta is being held above the bowl.
Nutrition Facts label for ZENB Pasta 2 oz (56g) and 3 oz (85g) servings
A white enameled pan filled with ZENB Rotini lightly sauced with a red sauce, cherry tomatoes, diced red bell peppers, and herbs. The pasta is being lightly stirred in the pan.
A box of ZENB Rotini sititng outside a ZENB shipper box with four more boxes of ZENB Rotini inside

ZENB Rotini Pasta

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A tight, corkscrew shape that has been re-imagined to be better for you thank to the use of one simple ingredient: 100% yellow peas, including the skin.

  • Gluten-free
  • Plant-Fueled / Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • 17g of protein and 11g of fiber in each 3 oz serving

Learn about our delicious and healthy ZENB Pasta in Details & Nutrition Facts below.

Includes: 3 (12 oz/340g) boxes of pasta


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ZENB Rotini Pasta

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ZENB Rotini Pasta

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ZENB Rotini Pasta

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