Eat Like It Matters: How We’re Keeping It Real

Whether enjoyed with friends, family, or the comfort of our own company, the food we eat feeds our soul, nourishes our body, and allows us to experience a world of unique cultures and cuisines.

Food is fuel, which is why it is important that we carefully consider the products that we consume while finding joy in exploring new flavors that are still crave-worthy.

So how do we Eat Like It Matters and make sure you are Keeping It Real, unlocking the power of real food for real satisfaction and real impact? It’s as simple as eating more whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

Harnessing the goodness of whole foods isn’t rocket science, and when we incorporate more of nature’s bounty into our diets, we get the best of what nature intended a wide spectrum of flavors, rich nutrients, and the fuel our body craves.

When you Eat Like It Matters it means you cultivate more conscientious eating, overcome the mindset of “good enough” in any aspect of your mealtimes. It means saying no to compromising on taste or texture in exchange for better nutritional benefits. It means unlocking the power of real food unprocessed, whole, simple ingredients as close to what nature provides for real satisfaction and real impact.

We Eat Like It Matters for:

  • Ourselves: Because our bodies and minds deserve the best to keep us healthy, happy and whole.
  • Our Community: Sharing meals with loved ones and peers is a powerful way to create connection.
  • Our Environment: By adding less, wasting nothing, and delighting in the goodness of plants, we have the power to heal the planet.

At ZENB, our rallying call to Eat Like It Matters is more than a mission it is a lifestyle and a guiding principle for how we develop our products. We embrace the Japanese concept zenbu (全部) which means WHOLE, a purpose we inherited as part of the legacy of our family-owned company with more than 220 years of food development experience. It’s part of the inspiration in pioneering the use of the yellow pea in our food products. As a budding superfood, we developed a unique process that allows us to use as much of this legume with nothing else added in for better-for-you foods that are the real deal.

Next time you are at the grocery store, in the kitchen, or gathered around the table, take a moment to consider what the mindful practice of Eat Like It Matters means to you as you are keeping it real.

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