Earth Day 2024: Celebrating Sustainability Through Our Ingredients

My name is Taichi Sakabe, and I am the Chief Operating Officer of ZENB in the US. As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how ZENB is working to make the world a better place. Our motivation when creating plant-based products that are better for you and your family is deeply rooted in our commitment to making products that also are considerate of the earth. This honors the vision and values of our parent company, Mizkan.

For over 220 years, our family-owned company has been developing products that respect the earth. For ZENB, our story adds another dimension: harnessing the natural goodness of plants. As we’ve evolved and added plant-full pantry staples like ZENB Pasta and Cracker Crisps, our purpose has remained consistently focused on sustainability at the core of everything we do.

Our partnerships with dedicated farmers and producers, including those cultivating our hero superfood ingredient, yellow peas, are a crucial element in making sure we honor the earth. We are careful to make sure all of our makers, from our farmers to our staff, all act with a sustainability mindset.

We chose the yellow pea as a key ingredient in our products not only because of its delicious, light, nutty taste and its nutritional benefits, but also because it plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable agriculture. Yellow peas thrive in diverse climates and require minimal water compared to other crops like wheat. They also enrich the soil by depositing nitrogen as they grow, leaving a healthier field behind once harvested. This makes yellow peas a sustainable choice for farmers, positively impacting the earth.

We are honored to be able to play a role in creating a better planet. As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to continue embracing a healthier, more environmentally conscious way of eating. Together, we can make the world better as we Eat Like It Matters!

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