5 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Fiber in Your Diet

Did you know the average American only gets about half of their fiber intake, and that the recommended amount for women is up to 25 grams of fiber per day and 38 grams for men?

It might seem like a lot but, fortunately, a plant-based diet is a fantastic way to make sure you’re not only getting enough fiber, but also enjoying good, beneficial sources of fiber.

Especially when you consider plant-based eating to be a great source for dietary fiber (fiber found naturally in foods), as opposed to functional fiber, which is fiber extracted from whole foods and added to processed foods.

While natural, plant-based foods are a good (and delicious) source of fiber, the amounts in each vary. This makes it important to not just eat plant foods, but also to eat a good variety, mixing up your fiber sources to be sure you’re getting the most from your meals.

For example, beans are a good source of fiber, but if your plant-based diet consists of mostly beans, the fermentable fiber found in them can result in excess gas and stomach pains. Not fun.

That’s why it’s important to not only look for tasty ways to get good fiber, but also to balance different sources of fiber in your plant-based meals and snacks.

So let’s look at 5 different go-to sources for finding good fiber:


1. Fill up on Fruit

Is there a more refreshing way to get a mix of fiber than eating a tasty mix of fresh fruits? Well, that might be up to personal preference, but that doesn’t change the fact that fruit is filled with fiber. There are plenty of fruits to choose from too. Apples can give you around 4 grams, pears can give you 5 grams, while raspberries can give you up to 8 grams of fiber per cup.

And if you’re looking to live more responsibly while increasing your fiber intake, shop seasonally. It’s a more sustainable (and flavorful) way to eat.


2. More Veggies More Peel

Our favorite way to get more fiber is with vegetables (yes, we’re biased). Vegetables are a staple in just about every diet so it should be no surprise they’ve made our list. Veggies like carrots and beets are filled with fiber. Beets give you 3.8 grams of fiber per cup and carrots get you 3.6 grams, which is very high considering their low calorie count!

3. Nuts and Seeds

We all turn to salads as a great source for dietary fiber, but maybe your go-to dish seems to be lacking a fiber-filled ingredient. So go nuts! And by that we mean add in some nuts, or seeds, to your meal. Most nuts are packed full of nutrients from healthy fats to fiber. Snacking on just 1 ounce of almonds gives you 3.5 grams of fiber and 1 ounce of chia seeds gets you 10 grams of fiber.

4. Cool Beans

It should be no surprise that beans are on our list. Beans are a tasty way to boost your fiber intake while enjoying the flavor of the food you’re eating. Beans are full of fiber; 1 cup of baked beans has 10 grams of fiber while black beans have 15 grams of fiber per cup. Absolutely incredible and tasty.

5. Pasta and Cracker Crisps Made with Whole Yellow Peas

Don’t mean to brag, but if we’re talking about a good and delicious mix of fiber options, how can we not mention our 100% Whole Yellow Pea Pasta and crispy, airy, flakey Cracker Crisps? We use the skin of the yellow pea, which means not only do we add less and waste nothing, doing so helps deliver even more dietary fiber for you to enjoy! That’s some real veggie goodness that goes where you go.  

Did you enjoy this list? Feeling inspired to start cooking some fiber-filled meals in your kitchen? We've got more inspo with our epic recipe collection of over 150 plant-fueled dishes to explore and try. For more cooking advice, recipe hacks, and tips on leading a balanced lifestyle, follow ZENB on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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