ZENB Retail
Re-Inventing Pantry Staples

ZENB products are Certified Gluten Free, NON GMO Project Verified, a Good Source of Portein, Excellent Source of Fiber, have No Artificial Preservatives or Colors, and are Vegan.

ZENB exists to cultivate more conscientious eating… for ourselves, our community and the world around us.

We take a plant-full approach as we re-invent everyday food using only real ingredients. Embracing the Japanese zenbu (全部) concept of WHOLE, we add less and waste nothing to unleash the flavor & nutrients of plants.

Let’s talk about how ZENB can help drive incremental category growth.


ZENB Pasta offers an al dente texture and a light nutty taste plus 20g of protein and 13g of fiber in ever 3.5oz serving. With ZENB there is no compromise on eating healthy & delicious! ZENB products are ready to fuel your everyday mealtime needs.


ZENB is a clean label plant-full brand that is re-inventing pantry staples by using as much of the whole plant as possible with no compromise on taste.

ZENB Pasta

Unlocking the secret to non-wheat pasta using ingredient; yellow peas. 20g of protein; 13g of fiber per serving


Agile Bowls

Real veg. Real Flavor. Real Nutritious. Real Fast. 14g of protein; 9g of Fiber per cup.


Coming Soon



Our customers are our best proof. With over 2,000 5-star reviews*, we value the trust & value customers have found in our products.

*Based on reviews received between June 2019 and January 2023. No compensation was provided.



Showcasing the importance of high-performance fuel for high performance lifestyles, ZENB is proud to partner with some of the world’s most iconic sports teams.

ZENB is the Official Gluten Free Food Partner of FC Barcelona in US

As the proud Official Gluten-Free Food Partner in the US of FC Barcelona, ZENB is inspired by the athletic accomplishments of the world’s most famous sports team. Our high-performance WHOLE vegetable approach fuels high-performance lifestyles.

ZENB is the official plant-based food partner of the Chicago Cubs during the 2023/24 season. Baseball fans are able to enjoy ZENB Pastas at all the Wrigley Field clubs and taste Agile Bowls during various events throughout the season.


Mizkan(TM) logo with vinegar introduced in 1804 and Citrus Ponzu introduced in 1964

ZENB is a division of Mizkan, a company that has been changing the way people think about food since its foundation in 1804.

  • Upcycling pioneer with invention of new method to produce rice vinegar using by-products
  • Invented ponzu (citrus seasoned soy sauce) to bring restaurant flavors to homes
Mizkan(TM) logo with Omusubiyama introduced in 1984 and Natto introduced in 1997

  • Created new food category with introduction of rice ball seasoning
  • Developed new fermentation technology using a popular soybean product
Mizkan(TM) logo with Malt Vinegar and Pickled Vegetables introduced in 2012/2013 and Leading US Pasta Sauces introduced in 2014

  • Globalized flavor knowledge & expertise through acquisition of established UK vinegar brands
  • Expanded footprint through acquisition of leading sauce brands in the US market
ZENB(R) logo, ZENB Rotini, Penne, and Elbows Pasta introduced in 2019

  • Created single ingredient pasta that still delivers the taste & texture people expect through the use of breakthrough food innovation
ZENB(R) logo, Quick-cooking Pasta Agile, Agile Bowls, and Spaghetti expanding thru innovation in 2022

  • Developed first plant-based quick-cooking pasta shape that retains preferred texture
  • Launched single ingredient long noodlethat has traditionalists fooled
  • Introduced on-the-go pasta meal solution that is better-for-you and ready in under 3 minutes


As 9th generation leader of the company, Ms. Yuko Nakano, president, Mizkan Holdings Co., Ltd (ZENB parent company) is a committed leader focused on extending the purpose-driven legacy of good health and happiness that Mizkan has become known for around the world.