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NYC's Hottest Fitness Studio

Wednesday June 10 - HIIT Box,

5-5:45 PM EST 

use code  ZENBFH1

Wednesday June 17 Sculpt,

10:30-11 AM EST 

use code ZENBFH2

Tuesday June 23 - Cardio Sculpt,

12-12:30 PM EST 

use code ZENBFH3

Are you ready to feel the burn?


Get ready to get your blood pumping and your body moving with 3 FREE live workout classes. We partnered up with NYC fitness studio, Fithouse, to give you this awesome opportunity.

Signing up is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Create your account on the website Fithouse website 
  2. Find your preferred ZENB sponsored class on the class schedule and click Book to begin checkout process
  3. Select "Online Streaming Single Class" as the purchase option
  4. On Checkout page, add discount code associated with your chosen class (see below for codes) to get your class for free 
  5. Hit checkout and you're booked!
  6. Repeat this process for additional ZENB sponsored classes