ZENB Veggie & Fruit Bites Varieties

A shipping box and five pouches of ZENB Veggie & Fruit Bites. A pouch of Orange Cocoa Beet Bites is outside the shipper box. Inside the shipper box is Coconut Lime Zucchini Bites, Mexican Cocoa Beet Bites, Tripical Carrot Bites, and Cherry Sweet Potato Bites.
Create Your Own ZENB Veggie & Fruit Bites
Choose 5 or 20 pouches
$14.99 - $59.99
Five pouches of ZENB Veggie & Fruit Bites, clockwise starting from the top left: Coconut Lime Zucchini, Orange Cocoa Beet, Tropical Carrot, Cherry Sweet Potato, Mexican Cocoa Beet.
ZENB Veggie & Fruit Bites Variety Pack
Get 5 or 20 pouches
$14.99 - $59.99

Al Dente, All Tasty, All Plant-Based Spaghetti

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Quick-cooking, yellow pea pasta

An exciting innovation in 100% yellow pea pasta: A brand new unique shape, designed to retain flavors, cooked in under 3 minutes!

Creave-Worthy Recipes

Browse more than 100 exclusive ZENB recipes designed to inspire, delight, and nourish.

Plates of Spicy Summer Spaghetti with Grilled Lobster and Lemon on a dining table set for dinner

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ZENB Rotini being poured into a saucepot