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Rediscover the possibilities of pasta night with the ZENB Pasta Starter Pack. Made from 100% yellow peas, ZENB Pasta brings more to the table than traditional pasta with plant-powered nutrition in every serving for a healthy, delicious meal you can feel good about.

With one box each of Rotini, Penne, and Elbows, you can add the nutrient-packed power of plant-based pasta with the same taste and texture of traditional pasta to all your favorite recipes!

Includes: 3 (12oz/340g) boxes of pasta.

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Rediscover the possibilities of veggies on-the-go with the Create Your Own ZENB Veggie Snacks Starter Pack. All of our snacks feature a hero veggie as the first ingredient and use more of the whole vegetable. 

Customize your very own Starter Pack. Choose 3 Veggie Sticks and 2 Veggie Bites flavors you want to try most. 
Veggie Sticks 

A good source of fiber and veggie-first goodness in every bar. Select the Veggie Stick flavors you want  Carrot, Beet, Corn, Pumpkin, Red Bell Pepper, and Sweet Potato  for the perfect balance of chewy with a little crunch from yellow pea puffs. 

Veggie Bites 

Get one cup of veggies in every resealable pouch of 6 Veggie Bites. Select the Veggie Bite flavors you want — Beet, Corn, Edamame, Red Bell Pepper, and Sweet Potato — blended with fruits and spice.