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ZENB Spaghetti


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A better-for-you twist on the best-known pasta shape in the world! Each long, thin strand retains the classic spaghetti texture you expect with a subtle taste, and delicious flavor. Made from one simple ingredient: 100% yellow peas, including the skins, each 3 oz serving delivers 17g of protein and 11g of fiber, plus key vitamins, and minerals. They’ll never know the difference, but they’ll be glad when they do!

ZENB Spaghetti offers a whole new way to enjoy a classic, whether with meatballs, dressed with various sauces, in soups or baked dishes, or just by itself.

Get the Details & Nutrition Facts on our delicious and healthy ZENB Spaghetti below.

Includes: 3 (8oz/226g) boxes of pasta


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NEW! ZENB Spaghetti

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NEW! ZENB Spaghetti

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NEW! ZENB Spaghetti

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