A box of ZENB Pasta Agile, on an angle so the side panel showing a comparison of protein, fiber and net carbs to traditional pasta is visible.
A carton of ZENB Pasta Agile sitting on a light-colored wood surface with two small tomatoes, a clear glass bowl filled with Pasta Agile, a pepper grinder, a cruet with olive oil, part of an onion and a head of garlic.
A close up of pasta agile, snap peas, diced chicken, shredded carrot, and chile flakes. In the center of the photo is some of the pasta mixture on the head of a golden-colored fork.
A chart showing a comparison of ZENB Pasta versus traditional pasta protein (ZENB 17g v traditional 11g), Fiber (ZENB 11g v traditional 3g), and Net Carbs (ZENB 43g v traditional 61g) per 3 oz serving
A close up of a bowl full of ZENB Pasta Agile, diced red pepper, herbs, black olives, and small pieces of white cheese. A thumb and forefinger is visible above the bowl of pasta, squeezing lime juice on the pasta.
Nutrition Facts label for ZENB Pasta Agile 2 oz (56g) and 3 oz (85g) servings
A photo of two young women laughing and sitting close together at a dark-topped dining table, set with fruit, drinks, and candles. The women are eating from plates of pasta with chicken, tomatoes and herbs. In the back ground is a plant sitting on a natural wood table.

ZENB Pasta Agile


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All the pasta flavor you love ready in about half the time. ZENB Pasta Agile is a quick-cook, precision-cut, 100% yellow pea pasta that delivers the same great taste and texture of traditional pasta in under three minutes.

  • Gluten-free
  • Plant-Fueled / Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • 17g of protein and 11g of fiber in each 3oz serving

Elevate soups, stews, or pasta salads, or include in stir-fry, skillets, and recipes that traditionally use rice or other small pasta shapes.

Learn about our delicious and healthy ZENB Pasta in Details & Nutrition Facts below.

Includes: 3 (12oz/340g) boxes of pasta


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NEW! ZENB Pasta Agile

Details & Nutrition Facts
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NEW! ZENB Pasta Agile

Details & Nutrition Facts
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NEW! ZENB Pasta Agile

Details & Nutrition Facts
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What is and isn't in ZENB

Good Source of Protein

Excellent Source of Fiber




No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Preservatives