10 ZENB Recipes to Celebrate Soup Season

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the sigh from a thousand instant pot release buttons sounding in the distance. That’s right — soup season has arrived. As soon as the first mildly yellow leaf falls and the temperature drops even close to 70°F, we're ready with our sweaters on and our stock pots at hand, and 10 great recipes to choose from.

Put simply, we're hype for soup. And if you, like us, are shifting into soup mode at the slightest provocation: you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of plant-fueled recipes to help you get all the soup-spiration you need for this new season of cooking!

Minestrone Soup With ZENB Elbows Pasta

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Two bowls of minestrone soup made with ZENB Elbows pasta sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Derived from the word minestra, Italian for soup, this hearty dish filled with vegetables, beans, and plant-fueled ZENB Pasta takes comfort food to a whole new level. Top with parmesan for a dash of cheesy goodness and dig in!

Tuscan Ribollita With ZENB Elbows

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Added alt tag: A bowl of ribollita soup filled with ZENB Elbows Pasta garnished with cheese.

Skip the bread bowl — this traditional Italian stew already has bread in the soup. 🤯 With earthy cannellini beans, seasoned with thyme and topped with parmesan, you’ll find this veggie-full stew surprisingly hearty on a chilly (and delicious) evening in.

Tom Yum-Style Chicken Soup With ZENB Elbows Pasta

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A bowl of Tom Yum-style soup made with ZENB Elbows Pasta garnished with cilantro, sambal, and lime.

Tired of buying it from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon? Save some gold and make this Thai soup at home. With hot, sweet, and sour mixing together to form the perfect broth to nestle in chicken and ZENB Elbows — this soup brings comfort (with a kick).

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Soup With Kale & ZENB Elbows Pasta

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A bowl of creamy mushrooms with ZENB Elbows Pasta.

Creamy AND vegan are no longer polar opposites! Introducing our ultimate vegan soup, where thyme and tamari blend to create the perfect hint of umami, while cashew milk adds vegan-friendly creaminess that dairy can only dream of.

ZENB Beef Pho at Home

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This simple and delicious culinary masterpiece, featured in ZENB’s Chef Baller Cooking Competition on ZENB's hardwood kitchen court, is a combination of ZENB Spaghetti, meat and a very flavorful broth. A piping hot bowl of Pho is also low in calories, low in fat and a good source of protein.

One-Pot ZENB Veggie & Chicken Stew

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A bowl of chicken soup loaded with ZENB Elbows Pasta and vegetables.

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again (and again, and again): dirty dishes are the worst part of cooking. Fill up with soup without filling up your sink with this one-pot recipe! This chicken soup has all the right spices to heal any spots a stressful day might have caused.


Winter Vegetable, Herb, and ZENB Penne Curry 

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Ok, we know it’s a little early to use the “W” word, but there are some great root vegetables that come in season in the fall, and they work deliciously in a curry. And yes, we’re also making a leap by including a curry in a blog about soups. Call it artistic liberties. This recipe is flavorful, aromatic, and comforting  and isn’t that what we love about our fav soups? Discuss amongst yourselves.

ZENB Tomato & Vegetable White Bean Soup

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A bowl of veggie-filled soup filled in a broth made ZENB Roasted Tomato, Garlic, & Basil Pasta Sauce.

Sometimes you just have to veg out. 🛋️ Whether it’s a bad hair day or an especially long commute weighing on you, there are few problems a bowl of well-made vegetable soup can’t solve. Level up your relaxation routine with ZENB Gourmet Pasta Sauce + fall veggies for a new meaning of couch potato.

Ginger Garlic Soup With ZENB Rotini Pasta

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A bowl of ZENB Rotini Pasta and spinach in a ginger garlic broth garnished with crushed red pepper.

Our favorite pasta + punchy, aromatic spices? Bring it on. Thinly sliced garlic and grated ginger give this soup the perfect base for ZENB Rotini to soak up even more serious flavor. Factor in its 30 minute active time, and you’ve got yourself some hot dinner plans.🔥

ZENB Pasta Agile Edd Drop Broth Bowl

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We saved the best for last! What to do when you need a quick soup szn fix? Turn to this flavorful spin on a Chinese classic that’s ready in 5 minutes. This recipe is perfect for those nights when you are in the mood for flavor, but do not want to turn on the stove. This dish is an excellent source of protein and a good source of fiber.

What are you still doing making 🧊cold 🧊 salads? Roll up your sleeves, find (or make!) your favorite broth, and start celebrating soup season!

Hungry for more? Get all our collection of 100+ mood-setting recipes for any lifestyle. And don’t forget to follow us @zenb_life Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know on the latest tips, tricks, and fun facts you need to live a more plant-fueled, balanced life.

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